Friday, 01 April 2011

We're off to Lesotho on the bikes...

A good mate of mine who has been to Lesotho a few times before on his bike and loves it, has invited a few of his mates to join him and go and explore the wonders of the mountain kingdom.

We are going to travel in and stay at a place called Semonkeng Lodge which apparently means "place of smoke". It brings a smile because last time I went up Sani pass into the Drakensberg we also found another "place of smoke" at the top of Sani pass in the highest pub in the southern hemisphere. Although not quite being smoked, they just made Gluhwein with bushes of maruana floating in a large pot of red wine. Nice stuff when you can get it!

We are however not going to be going in 4x4 vehicles, we'll be using our trusty 2x1 motorcycles.

I'm really looking forward to it, so we'll share loads of pictures during (assuming we find any form of cellular / mobile network connections out in the middle of the mountains), but certainly once we are done.

Just to confirm - this was organised in the last few days so it's not an April fools day joke - its for real!

The whole place looks really nice and rustic - miles and miles from anywhere. Can't wait. (pictures courtesy of the aformentioned lodge)

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