Sunday, 03 April 2011

I met the man who motorcycled from Russia to Cape Town

Wow, it's not everyday you bump into some who has travelled that far, especially on his own. Andrey Urzhumtsev.
He left from somewhere in Russia to Cape Town across Europe and Africa. I never did find out where in Russia as we both battled to communicate a little. I googled him and found out about his adventure in english from the motonews here:

My daughter and I took a 200km drive down to the Southern most tip of Africa yesterday, a place called Cape Agulhas and as we got there found a chap on a bike photographing the sign displaying "Southern most tip of Africa". We asked him if we could take a picture and he kindly obliged.

Once down there, and once my daughter and I had finished taking our pictures of us standing on both sides of the sign showing Indian Ocean to the one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other side, he approached us and asked if we would take a picture of him sitting in front of the sign in return.

We did so and then talked about his next plans, which are if we understood each other correctly, are for him to ride back up north through Namibia. Either he is heading back all the way he came, or he loved Namibia so much that he is keen to go back there again. I don't blame him it is an amazing place.

I was also facinated that his bike looked in such excellent condition after a three month trip. He must have had some repairs done in Cape Town or he is a spectacular rider! Good luck and Bon Voyage my friend! Nice meeting you.

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