Wednesday, 20 April 2011

First day's 5th leg - Gansbaai waves

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth which is the first goal, over a two day period. Details of the whole trip here.

Next on this leg was to aim for Gansbaai and then onto the R316 past Pearly beach, where the gravel begins. I arrived in Gansbaai and thought it would be a good place to fill up the tank as I knew it was getting late and that I would only do another 170km or so before reaching De Hoop nature reserve.

After filling up with petrol, I couldn't help but notice that the wind had picked up and that there was a lot of spray and mist coming from the beach. I thought I'd investigate. Gansbaai appears very much like an indistrial working & fishing village, rather than a picturesque town.  I drove down to the harbour and saw massive waves coming in and breaking on the rocks.

This is the view I got from up on the hill behind the harbour, nice place for adventure motorbikes to find, you would need a 4x4 to do the same.

These waves were really big as I was a good 200m from the beach and the waves were breaking quite far out. The pictures probably don't do them any justice. 

 This one is big, bearing in mond it is probably the best part of 400m away from the camera.

The spew they were kicking up was also looking great with the wind blowing it up off the waves.

This is a picture showing the distance I was away form the waves.

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