Monday, 18 April 2011

First day's 2nd leg ride from Gordons Bay harbour to Rooi-Els

The second leg of day one went from Gordons bay to Rooi-Els. See the first map for the context, and the more zoomed in map below for the detail.

I drove from Gordons Bay till you get to Rooi-Els on the road along the coast (marked in red below). This route is probably one of THE most awesome tar road rides anyone can take in South Africa of many, many, many so it is absolutely fantastic.

I love the Chapmans Peak drive very much too, but to me this road is just that much better. Why? Well it lasts much longer as its +/-20km not only +/-5km.

It can be riden faster (if you choose) with many twists and turns. The views of the sea are just incredible, especially on a nice day like I had. Not only that, but there are many places where you can pull over and stop - just to take in the views, watch the odd whale or take in the waves crashing onto the beach or rocks below. Many people just drive out there to sit and chill to de-stress.

Here are some of the pictures I took when doing it:

Just outside Gordons Bay, I pulled over into one of the viewing parking spots.

Here you can see just how close the road is to the edge most of the way along the route R44.

This amazing coast hugging road goes all along the beach no further than about 100m away from the sea, right to as far as you can see on the point in the distance below. Some 20 km odd.

This is an example of how close the road is to the sea, all the way along.

Similarly, the mountains are very close on the inland side.

Sometimes they have made the parking on the inland side as there simply isn't room for a parking spot on the seaward side.

I stopped about halfway along the journey, where this picture was taken for the longest and just watched the waves crashing against the rocks.

You can see the mountains in the distance, as part of the cape point on the other side of False Bay, that appear to be floating on mist.

You can see the road in the distance carved out of the rock.

More waves, and then on checking the time, realised it was time to get going as there was much to be seen and done yet.

The next part of the journey was also along the coast but not quite as close to the sea as you can see on the map. 

I took some helment cam video footage of this drive, but it needs some editing to knock into shape. Watch this space, I will do a Video Blog on it later.

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