Thursday, 31 March 2011

Goal: Ride across the country on a motorcycle

This blog was inspired by looking at peoples goals on the website and clicking on the "Done That" link for Ride across the country on a motorcycle and writing this blog:

My friend and I took two weeks off and left Durban South Africa and did about 5000km mainly though mountains and on dirt roads taking the lesser travelled routes. We made it through places like Rhodes, Port St. Johns, to Grahamstown, Baviaanskloof Nature reserve, the Swartberg mountains, into the Karoo and finally back again. It was an awesome journey, met wonderful people, had fantastic times we will never forget.

If you decide to do it I’d seriously recommend doing it in Africa as there is so much land that is still natural and unspoilt. A huge selection of dirt roads and mountain passes too.

We enjoyed it so much and ended up starting a company that offers these sorts of safari’s, check out

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