Wednesday, 20 April 2011

First day's 4th leg - Hermanus sea views and shop

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth which is the first goal, over a two day period. Details of the whole trip here.

Next on this leg was to aim for Hermanus. Since I'd done a blog on Hermanus perviously I decided to aim for a different beach called Langbaai, located on the map below its about where is says 7th St.

So far the whole journey had been on tar, but the motorbike and I were fast getting to the point where we were going to be getting onto the gravel roads.

I noticed just how lush and green it all looked after having just driven through the fire damaged area some km's earlier.

This is Langbaai beach taken from the start of the Walker Bay Nature reserve walking trail.

I stopped in here to take a look at the whale viewing site where in the southern winter and autumn months the whales come to rear their young.

Looking towards Walker Bay Nature reserve

On the way out of the car park, I noticed this kooky arty shop and thought it might be worth a visit at some later date when time was on my side.

It had all sorts of interesting items on display.

Next stop was Stanford and then on to Gansbaai. More to come next time....

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