Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Second day's 1st leg - De Hoop to Malagas for breakfast

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth which is the first goal, over a two day period. Details of the whole trip here.

So this time I managed to get up earlier and I was on the road at exactly 8am, the tent and bike packed, helmet cam rolling. I thought I'd get some breakfast along the way.

My immediate goal was to get to Witsand (the Afrikaans for "White Sand"), but that never happened quite as easily as I thought it might. One has to find the only place to cross the river for miles to be successful.

The blue route was where I had to go, but when I got to the trading store where the blue line meets the red one, I carried on instead of turning left. Mainly because on the other side of the road is a trading store that serves breakfast and I was wondering if I should stop there, so missed reading the sign showing the correct directions.

These are some of the pictures on my way out of De Hoop and up to Malagas:

Typical Karoo type scene - Windmill, water resevoir and farm gate.

Blue Cranes - the national bird of South Africa in the fields. The bike scared them there were many more that flew off, others hid just over the hill out of sight.

Swellendam Mountains in the far distance

Road perfectly enjoyable on the Adventure Motorcycles
Unbeknown to me there are actually three places people in the area call Malagas, you can see two of them on the map. One at the junction (where the trading store is), one on top where the pont crosses the river and the third is at the sharp bend in the river which the red line passes.

Eland running away as they heard the bike
Actually as you will see there are some nice holiday houses there situated alongside the river. I thought the pont was there and then thought well it must be further on just over the next few hills, so carried on quite some way until I came to some Eland farms. Here I met a local farmer who kindly explained the 3 different places to me. It was nice seeing the eland farms however.

I then drive back past the trading store and decided to pop in for breakfast as it looked inviting.
Malagas on the river - a good place to stay for river activities
Pan of the small holiday village of Malagas

My well deserved Bacon, Egg, Boerewors, Tomato & Coffee

Another beautiful day in Africa

Well fortified by the excellent breakfast and newly acquired proper directions, I set off for petrol and the pont across the river.

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