Tuesday, 05 April 2011

Road rating suggestions

I asked the question how best to rate roads on the Advrider.com forum and got this very amusing reply from "lemieuxmc":
Easy: Dirt road passable by a hot mom sipping a cup of Starbucks while driving a minivan full of 10 year old soccer players.

Moderate: A dirt road passable by half a Rugby team in a rented Crown Victoria with 2 kegs of Molsons in the trunk at 50 mph.

Difficult: Dirt road passable by your grandfather going 15 mph in his 1967 2wd pickup to reach a good fishing spot.
Courtesy of http://dulemba.com

Pic courtesy of http://www.trials.co.za

Very Difficult: Dirt road passable by a Sportsmobile RV carrying the camera crew who will then videotape Ewan picking up his bike, commenting about how the road is so hard, and asking if goat ball soup is for dinner.

Extremely Difficult: Dirt trail barely passable by a typical KLR rider.

Extremely Difficult/Highly Dangerous: Trail where a KTM rider will shift down to fourth gear.

Impossible: Typical spectator loop at an Observed Trials Event.

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