Wednesday, 06 April 2011

Mini bike adventure up the coast

My daughter and I decided to take a short bike trip a few days ago.

First we tried heading up a hill near home to get pictures of Cape Town from the top of the hill, but it turned out the hill was inside a private nature reserve and fenced off so we couldn't get in to go up the road we had spotted from afar going to the hilltop.

So we then decided to head north, along the coast, to get some fresh air and find some beaches we'd not yet discovered.

Not far out of Cape Town we found a huge tidal pool and a nice rocky and sandy beach where we sat and chilled for a bit and took a few pictures.

We were initially aiming for a small fishing village called Yzerfontein but both decided to call it a day because it started getting really windy and so headed back home.

Good times. Nice managing to find and spend some quality time with each other in our busy lives.

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