Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Helmet Cam test video

Jeez, third time lucky. First time I had the thing on at 90 degrees, great video if you like watching it on your side. Second time I had it facing too far down and at a bit of an angle. Finally I got it right and so I decided to edit a small little mini tour video of Big Bay and Blouberg beach here in Cape Town for your viewing pleasure.

Warning this is not the most enthralling video you'll ever have seen, but if you'd like to see my local beach and the views of Table Mountain, and get a flavour of the local Cape Jazz music then this might just be the video for you. I won't hold my breath though!

At least I've proved that the helmet video cam works. Provided I don't bump it and make sure its secured tight enough on the helmet. I noticed that towards the end of this video either the wind had moved it or I'd bumped it. So still needs a little work to perfect, but we are getting there.

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  1. Hey Charles......Interesting!!! I think you need to try mount it on your shoulder. Less movement....you obviously move your head in order to see where you going, however this makes for a bit too much lateral movement. You could of course approach the Airforce for one of their Cybernetic aiming systems....target on a piece of....and then even when you taking evasive action!!!! Reg

  2. Hey Reg, Yeah agreed (well dunno about the cybernetic aiming system..) I thought of mounting it on the handlebars as I was supplied a fitting for that as well as the helmet, but I figured it would get a lot more vibration and if I wanted the Camera to look at something interesting I'd have to point the bike in that direction... could be a little tricky.

    I'll try the handelbar mount out on this upcoming trip. At least if its there I can see if its on and recording. Today I thought I'd stopped it and it carried on for another 10 mins till I got home. Needs more work!