Sunday, 17 April 2011

First day's 1st leg ride from Cape Town to Gordons Bay harbour.

If you haven't read the Planning for the Lesotho expidition blog, it would make sense to check it out before reading this just to give you some context.

So I left Cape Town later than planned, mainly down to a hangover I'd acquired from planning a reunion meeting with a old school mate of mine that I'd not seen since 1982 (thats 29 years ago!) the afternoon and evening before. It turns out that he is a big fan of Adventure Motorcycling and has his own BMW F800 GS. Watch this space for future blogs and trips we are already planning.

This is the bike just before I set off at 10:30. Normally I'd never take this much stuff and usually we would have the 4x4 vehicle accompanying the adventure tours with place to put a whole lot of camping equipment and tools, but in this case I had to plan for the next two weeks on my own, including doing the music festival and camping, taking my own tools, etc. I drove directly to the garage filled up and then hit the N2 motorway out of Cape Town towards Gordons Bay.

Gordons Bay harbour
One of the picturesque places I've always driven past is and wanted to stop in at has been the Gordons Bay harbour. Well this time I decided it was a great place to stop for a coffee.

As you can see it was the perfect day for riding, 26 degrees, minimal wind, not a cloud in the sky. Perfect. I stopped and took some pictures then got that coffee at the harbour restaurant. The waiter persuaded me that the calamari was well worth it so had an early lunch too.

It was then I realised I'd not setup my Mobile phone for Tweeting pictures (only texts) and tried to set that up. For some reason didn't show me the actual picture just the file name so wasn't sure what picture I was about to upload so canned that idea for later.

I then looked at the helmet cam footage I'd taken and realised it hadn't recorded properly either. Not a good start technologically! I reconfigured the camera and tried again.

This is the view looking back up the mountains behind Gordons Bay.
The yacht mole with mountains of the Cape Point across False bay in the background.
One of the Lobster fishing boats.

This is the harbour restaurant where I had my coffee and fresh Calamari. I sat upstairs and had a great view out over the boats.

As I left the harbour, I took a left down one of the lanes along the beachfront in Gordons Bay and looked back at the harbour and mountains in the background.

After this stop the helmet cam video worked. I'll do a separate blog on the video footage as I drove off from here, between Gordons Bay and Betty's Bay. An absolutely awesome drive.

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