Sunday, 10 April 2011

Planning the Lesotho expidition

Well it's only 5 days now till my adventure around South Africa starts. Slightly complicated arrangements with multiple goals and interests, but its going to be awesome whatever happens. There are four main goals of this trip.

Goal 1. Explore the garden Route Coast line. Head up the coastal side of the Cape Garden Route on my bike and find some more interesting beaches and back roads for our Motorcycle adventure tours. I'll spend two days doing this and blogging and tweeting as I go. I'll also use the Helmet Cam and try and get some video footage too (assuming I get it working properly). Once there I meet Rob and put the bike on his trailer and wave them farewell as they head off to Paul Roux near Lesotho, where I will meet them later. I then spend a few days in Port Elizabeth and then fly to Durban. See lower green (bike) and red (fly) leg on the map below.

Goal 2. Camp at an outdoor Music festival. In Durban we organise and get camping gear together for Splashy Fenn in the Drakensberg Mountains for the outdoor music festival which I love so much. Nothing like being way out in the mountains with fresh autumn air, good music, 10000 party goers and multiple alcoholic beverages and good mates. I used to go there regularly about 12 years ago but then having been in Europe for that many years have missed it. We'll camp there for 3 to 4 days and then head off to Lesotho for the bike trip later. I drive up with a friend who is joining us for the Bike trip with his bike on trailer behind us. See blue (car) leg on the map below.

Goal 3. Explore Lesotho for future tours. Starting and ending at Paul Roux, we will head into Lesotho, base ourselves at Semonkeng Lodge. This is going to be the highlight of the adventure. I have been looking forward to a Mountain Kingdom trip for many years, having been in the mountains on motorcycles all round Lesotho over time. I'll blog about the detail of route we'll take as soon as I know it in more detail. We will be joined by another three or four people. See green (Bike) and blue (car) leg on the map below.

Goal 4. Explore the in-land Karoo side of the Garden Route. After the trip I'll put the motorcycle on the trailer and we'll drive back down to Port Elizabeth. I'll then jump back on the motorbike and head back along the inland Karoo part of the Cape Garden Route on my bike, partly along route R62, looking at new roads options and new B&B options along the way all the way back to Cape Town. See green leg on the map below.

Map courtesy of Google Earth
Now all I need is to dig out my Passport, I know I packed it somewhere safe. If you'd like to join us on interesting Motorcycle Routes and Adventure Tours through Southern Africa please reserve a place on one of our Tours now on

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