Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Day6 - Leg1 - Bots+Zim - Meet Mr Giraffe

When I wanted to sleep the night before I found my bed had been annexed, so ended up in someone else's cottage. In the morning woke up in this unfamiliar cottage down the road from the main set of buildings which felt about only 2 hours after going to bed! I thought I would get out and look around while every one else was still asleep.

To my surprise there was a tame giraffe right outside the cottage and it was so friendly and keen to be patted and stroked. I spent about half an hour stroking it's forehead like you would a horse, and it loved it and kept coming back for more. Such a wonderful animal! It was a real honour to be able to meet such a large "wild" animal up close and personal.

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Good Morning Mr Giraffe

The cottage I ended up in - away from all the noise and all night music

Such a majestic beast - made me feel really close to the wild

Friendly friendly

Closest I got to getting the whole giraffe in one picture up close!

That long neck can move very fast

Step back and get it all in
Not easy to get it all into the lens up close
Such a friendly giraffe

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