Friday, 23 December 2011

Day5 - Leg11 - Bots+Zim - African feel

After the first few beers when we had arrived, we decided to look around the place and see what was around. Todds Motel had one of the most African feels to it. The smells of the bush and the firewood. The diesel from the generator, the old trucks and wood used for the fire, everything about this place was very African.

Then guess what we did? had some more beer!

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The fire was looking and smelling really African
Even the thatch trimmings were distinctly African

The boiler or "Donkey" was 101% African

The Truck the Trees and the Wood was all very African

The generator putting along at about 1 rev per minute was African

More and more people were arriving - mostly from Zim but many from South Africa too

Tar all the way here except 200m from the main road into the venue


About right!
Slowly building up numbers
People chilling

4 of our crowd

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