Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day5 - Leg12 - Bots+Zim - Rev the bikes

Boyz will be boyz! After the sunset, and after a few beers, the boys playful nature came out. Now it was time to rev the bikes until they popped, screamed, smoked, turned red-hot or died completely. Luckily none did!

Then we moved down to the stage area where two or three bikes were also revved and wheel spun till the rubber burned out. Smoke and rubber everywhere. The rubber was extremely hot too, I got a piece hit me on the side of the head - that'll teach me to be too inquisitive round the back of a bike burn-out! 

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Botswana and Zimbabwe - Giraffe Motorbike tour we attended during July 2011. Check out the original plans and route for the trip here.
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As the sun set, and the beers flowed, the old bikes were brought out to rev up
Last Light around the fire
This bike was wheeled out and revved within inches of its life for a good 15 minutes

It was incredible how red hot the exhausts got

Afrikaans captions reads: "The older the buffalo, the harder the horn"
Then we revved up this bike till blue flames shot out the exhaust
Next it was over to the stage to do wheel burn outs
Then our man, whose back tyre was already showing canvas, decided to burn his wheel out
Getting ready with instructions from all
Burn baby burn!! Noise, smoke and rubber
After - Tyre still glowing red-hot - number plate broken off
Left over rubber on the floor

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