Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day5 - Leg8 - Bots+Zim - Re-group

Well after a wonderful dirt road through some of the best riding and most beautiful scenery we had experienced on the trip so far, we reached the tar and were on the outskirts of a small town called Gwanda.(see map picture below for more details).

We re-grouped as usual to see that everyone had made it and were one short. one of the chaps had carried on into town and filled up with petrol. We waited for a bit then decided to send someone into town to find him. Finally he was found and we headed into town to fill up the bikes. Once full we waited on the outskirts of town and chatted to some school kids who were interested in the bikes. Kieron started testing their Arithmetic and they were really good at it!

Everyone in excellent spirits

This is the daily blog from Africa4Adventure.com, in particular a short series on the Botswana and Zimbabwe - Giraffe Motorbike tour we attended during July 2011. Check out the original plans and route for the trip here.
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Just back on the tar and re-grouping
Inspecting a loose windscreen after a small tumble in loose sand

One person missing
Cattle casually wondering past in the middle of the road
A small river oasis in the middle of dry lands
Over the bridge and off into town for petrol
After petrol fill-up, Kieron tests the school kids Arithmetic by asking them sums. They were excellent!
Map of the route we took

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