Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day5 - Leg9 - Bots+Zim - Girl ambush

This is probably one fantasy that I for one never actually dreamed of, but it came true anyway! We were riding along, when next minute a Subaru filled with three ladies and a boot load of booze flagged us down and forced us to drink it until it was empty. They were also on their way to the rally and all their guys had taken the bikes.

Normally this would ring a few alarm bells, but in this case we figured there were enough of us to be safe so proceeded to drink and chat and have a good laugh, before setting off for the last few kilometers down the road to get to the rally. We were all really looking forward to what the rest of the rally would bring - considering how it had started!

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Impromptu party on the side of the road

Vaalie responds to a challenge for a KTM 990 Adv wheelie

Subaru, three ladies and a whole lotta beer

We all had a drink and started asking about previous rallys

The first time we had seen the official pamphlet for the Rally - only 30USD for a whole weekend!

Bike, beers, birds!

Out came the Captain

And Jagermeister!

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