Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day3 - Leg8 - Bots+Zim -Zambezi Elephants

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We were in for a pleasant surprise! After the guide carefully explained to us that we "may" see elephant, hippo and crocodile, we saw an abundance of all of them.  Right on the shore not more than 30 metres away, were two elephants that had come down to the waterside for a drink and a roll in the mud.

Then we went over and found a whole collection of Hippo's and later saw some crocodile swimming in the river.

Greeting us and having a drink
Right out in the open
Initially we were far away but the boat driver edged us in slowly
They are so big yet so nimble
Our Elephant after a roll in the mud, being watched by an Egret bird
Nice side view of a muddy elephant
Then we went of Hippopotamus splotting - saw this one momentarily pop his head up out the water
There are a few Hippo's near the bank under the trees
So peaceful and calm the water here, just a few hundred meters away it thunders over the falls

We saw a hippo swim over to the bank and walk off into the bush
Other boats also out and about

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