Saturday, 05 November 2011

Day2 - Leg10 - Bots+Zim - Roadside Elephants

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Botswana and Zimbabwe - Giraffe tour we attended during July 2011. Check out the plans and route for the trip here.
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After our drink we headed down the road towards Chobe Safari lodge. One thing that was amazing was that the main road goes right through the game reserve, so you have all sorts of animals on the side of the road just like you would as if you were in the game reserve (well you are inside!). And this is for quite some kilometers too (80km odd)! Also normally, you would not be allowed to take a motorcycle into a game reserve for reasons of scaring the animals and to some extent also for your own safety.

These Elephants were wonderful to sit and watch and they seemed used to the vehicles, so did not scare too much and run off into the bush. Also when elephants have their young with them they tend to be more weary of people, but again they were not too perturbed, just turned to look at the bikes, then carried on eating and posing for pictures!

Take a ride on the wild side!

Incredible India Africa (ok both!)
So close to these wonderful animals

Everyone taking pictures

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