Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Day2 - Leg6 - Bots+Zim - Fire ahoy

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Another 50km down the road we came upon a massive bush fire quite far away from the side of the road. It was notably large judging by the fact that it took us about 15 mins from when we saw the smoke to when we got to the fire itself doing about ~120km/h.

One always feels sorry for all the animals large and small that can't get away from it fast enough. It's natures way though and a fire like this regenerates the bush incredibly when the summer rains come.

Awesome but uncomfortable sight
Started by seeing some smoke in the distance (behind tree)
Difficult to explain - we watched this grow bigger as we approached it for about 20km (15 mins)
Someones picture of the same thing
Strange African bush beauty in whatever comes its way
The smoke was big and darkened the sky
Everyone stopped to get a picture of this scene
Back on the open road again - with animals left and right
Not too many of these road signs in the world!

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