Thursday, 19 April 2012

Karoo - Day5 Leg5 - Flowers

The Bikes needed petrol once we got to Graaff-reinet, so we filled up and then decided to go to the "Valley of Desolation" which is a set of mountains inside the Camdeboo National Park, overlooking the town. The park actually surrounds the town. There are some incredible views as well as mountain structures to look at that are interesting and well worth a visit.

On the way there, as we had turned off the main road and paid to get into the park, we were immediately struck by a huge area of densely coloured orange plants. Not sure of what type of plant, but it looked to be some kind of Aloe in flower. These photos do not display the sort of spectacle we saw with the naked eye, but they give you an idea anyway.

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We reached a patch of flowering plants - I think Aloes not sure
This is a map of Graaff-Reinet - we were at the tree where it says "Camdeboo national Park"

The whole hill was Orange

Looking back down the valley

There is a large Ngweba Dam near Gaaff-Reinet - see it in the background

Beautiful - and they were everywhere

Orange orange orange

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