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Beach day rides from Cape Town - West Coast National Park

Google maps: URL of the beach on a map
Type of beach: Sand and Rock
Natural or commercial: Extremely natural and wild
Access by car: No,a few meters down from the vehicle park, but can ride on dirt road to the car park.
Free or paid: Paid entrance to the nature reserve
Access: Easy, just walk out onto the rocks and sand, etc.
Surroundings: Completely Natural within a nature reserve so pristine surroundings.

It is only 113km from the very centre of Cape Town heading North up the West coast to reach this most secluded wild natural beach in the West Coast National Park Nature reserve. If the wind has been blowing and the ocean is rough, the waves pound the rocks and make for fascinating watching. This beach is central to the reserve and is contained well within the in the nature reserve so there are about 10km on either side of this beach of complete nature reserve which help keep it clean and in a perfect natural condition. Getting there too is half the fun, because depending upon the time of year, you will see different sights on your way there. During the spring months it displays a flower show that only nature can.

Also there is a large natural lagoon called the Langebaan Lagoon. When you ride along the road towards the beach area, you have the lagoon on your right hand side and the sea on your left. The lagoon is almost like a big in land lake, which attracts kite surfers and even some jet  skis and ski boats.

On a non-windy day, it makes for an excellent picnic spot with BBQ areas and a place to spend the whole day in the sun surrounded only by nature.

Massive waves crash on the rocks and spew into the air

Langebaan Lagoon on the way there reminded me of a Greek island
Harbour area for the house boats
A kite surfer blasting along in the wind
Pan shot of the road along the ridge past the lagoon
This is the site that greets you once you reach the beach
Towards the left is a massive sandy beach, with rocks to the right
One thing that strikes you is the strong natural smell of the sea, some of it comes from the shells
Waves pounding the rocks
Gets the brunt of the Atlantic from the south pole or western ocean depending on the wind direction
Large powerful waves
Bird life all over too

Looking over towards the sandy side of the beach

Some of the rocks have a very Orange growth on them which adds to the colour

On the way out we saw a pair of Ostriches

This is a blog from A short series on great beach destinations in South Africa based upon motorcycle rides to get there. Some are short day rides from Cape Town, others are much longer rides but if in Southern Africa and you are somewhere on the coast then are really good beaches to visit if you can find the time and are in the general area.
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