Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Karoo - Day4 Leg10 - Closed 4x4 Road

We got to a T-Junction on the dirt road and the way we wanted to go, left, had a big sign up saying road closed, even for 4x4 vehicles. Nothing like a challenge we thought, but seriously, we looked at how long the long way round was and decided to take our chances, after all we were on adventure bikes and didn't have much daylight time left.

As it turned out, this was a relatively old sign as the mud had long since dried up and even then we were sure that 4x4 vehicles would have made it though there if they were driven correctly. On the adventure bikes we breezed through without even noticing it. the pictures do not show the worst of it however - generally in the worst and thickest mud it's not a good idea to stop and take photographs unless you want to end up in it yourself.

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We ended up in some mud and slush

This had become a watering hole for all the animals

A lot of springbok still in the general area

Evidence of what was once extremely muddy and difficult to get through

We made it easily and continued

Sun setting and still not to sure exactly what was left to traverse

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