Thursday, 05 May 2011

Second day - 6th leg - Leaving Stil Bay off to N2

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth which is the first goal, over a two day period. Details of the whole trip here.

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So realising I still had some 452km left to go and feeling quite tired already from the 220km odd on dirt already done, I started realising I'd better not stop and take as many pictures as before. The trouble is once into that picture taking mode, it was difficult to stop as there were so many good pictures to be taken. Also riding alone is much easier to simply stop if you see a potentially good photo picture, because there is no-one to tell you not to. 

An eagle soared right above my head, but by the time I had stopped it was far away

The next place I got to I now notice on the map is called Droevlakte which in English means Dry Plains. You can tell by the pictures below that the name is pretty apt.
I spotted some really old run down but interesting farm buildings
Old farm buildings

I love this old Cape style farm house

A more typical South African farm house
Further down the road as I headed up towards the mountains that run parallel with the main N2 route and the sea, it started getting greener and with a lot more trees.

After this I turned onto the N2 at the town of Albertinia. The rest of the journey was on the beaten track, but I did stop to get some pictures of the Cape Garden Route.

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