Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day fourteen - Visit and plan Lesotho more

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Lesotho which was the third goal, over a week. Details of the whole trip here.

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Today was split up into three things; visiting my daughter and family, then meeting Greg to plan the Lesotho trip details, then meeting up with friends who I'd seen at Splashy. As you can tell a mad rush, but nice to see everyone.

I started the day by visiting them and having lunch and a nice chat.

My daughter very pregnant and almost days from popping with her man's folks at home
I then headed off to Greg, who was my partner for the Lesotho trip. The plan was that Greg and I would drive up to Lesotho with his bike on the back of the 4x4 twin cab pickup, do the Lesotho trip (3 days), then he would come back with the 4x4 and his bike and I would get a lift back to Port Elizabeth with my bike on one of the other riders Rob's bike trailer so that I could then ride the bike the 1000km back to cape Town.

Greg had mentioned the fact that he had put his back out at work and was hoping it would be healed and that he'd be strong for the Lesotho ride. When Igot to his home and saw how he was still taking strain with his back, I suggested that he do the Lesotho trip in the 4x4 instead. he gave it some thought but I could see that it was still very painful and that even a few days in a car would not do it any good.

I now had to make a plan as to how I was going to get to Paul Roux (where we were starting the ride from) and get his 4x4 back again. We started racking our brains as to how we could best acheive this...

Greg sitting gingerly on the edge of the sofa with his back still in pain
I then went off to meet up with Graham (last seen at Splashy) and his wife at one of the local pubs called the Stokers Arms to socialise. It was a great evening and we had a good chat and catchup.

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