Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day fifteen - Changing plans for Lesotho trip

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Lesotho which was the third goal, over a week. Details of the whole trip here.

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Various phone calls were made to confirm plans and ensure my ability to get from Durban to Paul Roux, our base from which we would start and end the motorcycle adventure 3 day trip into Lesotho, after which to be able to get me and my bike down to Port Elizabeth. We established that it was going to be problematic on various fronts:

Firstly Greg could not come with us any more which meant someone had to get the 4x4 I was using to get to Paul Roux, back to Greg again. We asked around and nobody wanted to spend all day driving 4 hours there, just to drop me off and do another 4 hour return journey. Fair play on a long weekend post easter holiday.

Secondly, it was uncertain as to exactly when Rob and his wife who were already in Paul Roux with my bike, were going to be returning to Port Elizabeth, so was a little risky as to when my bike would get back there, as they had various business meetings, etc.

Thirdly and now the main reason was, after my bike trip up from Cape Town, then the hot and cold Splashy days, then all the socialising I was coming down with a cold and was starting to feel a little unwell, so it was becoming doubtful as to if I'd even being able to ride the bike back from Port Elizabeth in any case.

I decided in discussion with the rest, to take the 4x4 up to Paul Roux, but to take the canopy off the back so I had the option, if I so chose or if things changed again, to put my bike on the pickup and take it back to Durban with me to ride from there. I thought I'd see how I felt after the Lesotho trip. Options were now open to either send the bike down to PE on Robs trailer or to bring it back with me to Durban, so I felt much better.

Wolfie and Greg helping remove the canopy off the 4x4
A challenge to remove the canopy given Greg's back, and the heavyish canopy, but we made it Ok
Finally a plan that I could see that was likely to cover all bases, so we removed the canopy and I headed off to Paul Roux for Goal three of the journey.

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