Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day eight - Off to Splashy, meet BMWs off to Outdshoorn

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Splashy Fen which was the second goal, over a week. Details of the whole trip here.

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So the time had come to head off up to Splashy fen for the music festival. It had been planned by my daughter and some of her mates. As they are mostly 17 years old, two Dad's were assigned by the moms of the group to accompany and oversee the trip. These two dad's had not previously met.

As it turns out we both got on like a house on fire. Both into motorcycle adventure and music. In fact the day I met Richard he was wearing a BMW Motorrad tee-shirt!
Richard in his BWM motorrad T-Shirt

The two family groups planned to meet at the services just outside Durban. As we got there a bunch of BMW riders also pulled in. We discovered they were riding down to Oudshoorn for the annual BMW bike fest also over this easter weekend.

Two 1200 adventures off to Oudshoorn

Chatting to tsome of the other guys

What a serendipitous start to the Splashy trip. Joining someone who not only ownes four bikes, but likes music, camping, drinking and fun. Excellent start.

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