Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day2 - Leg2 - Calitzdorp - Off to Wine festival

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Calitzdorp Port and Wine festival we attended during June 2011.

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After breakfast, where we found out how to get to the Port and Wine festival, we headed down to the old railway station where they were holding the event. As we arrived there we saw a Dad and Son comination having a lot of fun on some Quads. We never met them but they may well be local wine farmers as Quads are always a great means of transport around a farm.

On arrival we found what looked like a flea market and the main station area had been turned into a wine tasting hall. There was a band playing and lots of wonderful food and wine smells. Looks like it was gonna be a lovely day.

Dad and Son having fun
Pretty large beast
Walking down to the entrance
Right in the Wine farms
Some goodies on show at the gate
Rob and M having some coffee to start the day off with - too early just yet for wine
Nice setting for a series of little market shops under a cliff
More and more people arriving
The old Station sign for the town

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