Friday, 23 September 2011

Day1 - Leg3 - Calitzdorp - Naked lady bar (again)

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Calitzdorp Port and Wine festival we attended during June 2011.
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Having recently done a trip through Calitzdorp, and discovered the Naked Lady Bar I wanted to show my mates the place and have a drink there. We started off back at our accommodation and then headed into town again for a few drinks and a meal at The Dorpshuis where we had sat earlier and had coffee on arrival. Here we had a nice dinner with some more of the local red wine then moved onto the Naked Lady bar just up the road.

More and more bikes we coming into town. I wasn't sure how many we would get, but being the middle of winter I didn't hold out too much hope.

Getting ready to go out - quick glass of red and a chat

Evening falling over the Dorpshius

After dinner I noted a new bike in town and wondered how many would be there for the festival

Us at the Naked Lady bar trying out the beer the chap on the left had brewed - pretty good stuff!

Later chatting and enjoying the evening

Ah ha! more bike road runners had joined the party
Massive machine - Calitzdorp is on the R62 route a popular biking road

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