Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day 25 - Leg 3 - Ronnies Sex Shop

This continues the series of my Motorcycle travels from Durban back to Cape Town which was the fourth goal, over what had now become quite a few weeks. Details of the "" whole trip here.

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Riding the R62 through the Karoo you stumble upon a rather strange little place in the middle of no-where. The story goes that Ronnie who owns the farm next to the road decided to open a little farm stall. One day his mates played a practical joke on him and added the word "sex" into the title. Well it was probably the best thing they could have done for Ronnie, because from then on his custom quadrupled overnight! Bus loads of tourists started stopping over to find out what it was all about. He ended up opening a small bar and letting people write on the walls as they visited.

I stopped over again and tried to find where we'd written on the wall back in 2008, but alas so much has been written I could not find it, see what I mean in the pictures below. I also met a young couple from the UK and we sat chatting at the bar over a swift pint for the road block. They had loved their route they had taken over the last few days around the Western Cape, and wishing they had more time before heading back to the UK.

Not your typical farm stall on the R62!
I know my scribbles are in there some where from a few years back
All sorts of interesting scribbles, bits, bobs and boobs!
Amongst the bras, knickers and caps - the couple at the bar I chatted to for a bit
View of the patio as another bus load of people materialise out of nowhere
Roads in the area
A hot spring place just near Ronnies Sex Shop

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