Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day1 - Leg1 - Calitzdorp - Arrival at port and wine festival

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Calitzdorp Port and Wine festival we attended during June 2011.

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Four of us decided to do a long weekend meeting in Calitzdorp in mid June 2011 for the annual Port and Wine Festival, both couples each on bikes. However due to it being the middle of winter with cold, wind and rain, only one brave couple made it on their bike.  Coming from Port Elizabeth they had to contend with wind but fortunately no rain.

We live further south in Cape Town and with cold, rain and wind, we decided it would be better to simply take the car. My wife is not big on riding bikes anyway, certainly not in the wind and rain.

So we drove up in the car and got there early so started the wine drinking while sitting by the fire, in the first hotel we found that looked good, making sure that when Rob and Moira arrived they would have their fire, coffee then wine and a place to sit, probably required in exactly that order!

Downtown Calitzdorp (a small Town)
We picked the Dorpshuis as it looked inviting and it came recommended
A bit cold to sit outside even though others were
Outside view
Far warmer in front of the fire with a Cuppaccino
Small but effective victorian fireplace
We just chatted and waited for our mates to arrive on their bike

What a great start to what was to become a memorable and wonderful weekend.

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