Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 25 - Leg 7 - Robertson winelands

This continues the series of my Motorcycle travels from Durban back to Cape Town which was the fourth goal, over what had now become quite a few weeks. Details of the "" whole trip here.
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Leaving Montagu, the next area to go through was Robertson winelands onto Worcester. I could see the rain coming and knew it was going to be a huge downpour because the clouds were looking ominous and the wind was ferocious. So much so that a pickup bakkie that I drove past had had its canopy blown right off and was lying half way up the side of a hill. I was watching this and nearly got blown off the bike as I went into a cutting. The wind had been channeled into this narrow gap and became ten times stronger!

Montagu wine farm in town

One of the wine farms outside Robertson

Looking at the mountain ridge as I put my rainsuit on - note the rainbow

Rain starting

And some sun
Rain coming in my direction

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