Friday, 30 March 2012

Karoo - Day4 Leg4 - Windy Colesburg

Just before we reached Colesburg, a midday wind came up. It seemed to blow for about two hours then calm down again thankfully, as for us it was a cross wind and on a motorbike that's rather irritating. Since it was around lunchtime and we were hungry, we pulled into the Wimpy at the services on the N1 in Colesburg and had a bite to eat while we waited for the worst of the wind to pass.

There was a chap who sits there selling little homemade Karoo windmills and all of them were really spinning in the wind, so they work well! it's the sort of thing I would have bought to help out the chap and because it would look good at home in the garden somewhere, but unfortunately on a bike there is no room and it would just get damaged. 

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Parked up at the Services at Colesburg
The wind was gusting and dust blowing - difficult to capture in a photograph
Little homemade Karoo windmills for sale on the side of the road -all spinning furiously in the wind
Later we reached Trompsburg - this graveyard at the side of the road in such a small town was a shock - AIDS? Not sure? Probably.
We reached Middelburg

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