Monday, 19 March 2012

Karoo - Day3 Leg7 - Buck

We left Luckhoff and expected to see miles of sheep farms, but strangely, it was not more than about 20 minutes and we came upon a whole farm that seemed to specialize in farming or keeping game, mainly Springbok.

It is always difficult on an adventure motorbike to sneak up on wildlife especially if they as they are very close to the road, because any noise frightens them off and they run so fast that by the time you have stopped and got your camera out they are miles away. In this case we managed to stop the bikes and switch off and get the cameras out before they took off.

This is the daily blog from A short series on the Karoo Motorbike tour we took on during September 2011. See the plans for the trip blog here: Planning a 6 day 2500km route through the Karoo maximising dirt
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The Springbok all very intent on looking at us wondering if the bikes are a threat to them

Springbok in their natural environment - it only takes one to run and they all bolt

Buck over the bike saddle to give you an idea how close we were before they all ran off

Nervously, they begin to move off

Difficult to film, but the do what we all love to watch - "pronking" - running and jumping

Lovely to watch
Bikes and very small Buck in the distance
Richard joking about how the yellow flowered plants match my bike

Where we are - still in the middle of nowhere!

Non-African "Tequila" agave plants grow wild here

An Ostrich also appears

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