Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Karoo - Day3 Leg3 - Philipstown

The next town we reached was called Philipstown, which was very small and had a very interesting garage. See picture below. We had a little ride around a few blocks to see the place, but nothing much else to see other than a few people loitering around town. We were surprised there were no tumbleweeds blowing through town!

All too soon we were on the long road again and heading off towards Petrusville, which we never did stop for any pictures, in and just kept riding, mainly due to time pressure. There was one of an old caravan being used as a road side diner / farm stall which I wondered if I should take a picture of the people in and around it, but decided not to and kept going, as we still had a long way to go and not a lot of time.

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Garage with old car doors with graffiti all along the roof-top

School? Church? town hall?

Long lonely road

Long lonely road zoomed in with a biker on the hill at the end

More miles on this long flat land - but the road was tar and in reasonable condition

Nipple Hill?

More Karoo Lamb Chops?
Typical Karoo scene - dry, windmill, sheep, flat, rocky hill, blue sky.

Very fluffy grass on the verge of the road which stood out in the sun

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