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Beach day rides from Cape Town - Scarborough

Google Maps Location: Scarborough near Cape Point
Type of beach: Some sandy spots but mostly rock.
Natural or commercial: Extremely natural and wild. Very un-commerical.
Access by car: Yes, car park and then walk onto beach. 10m
Free or paid: Free entrance.
Access: Easy, just walk down the gangplank from the car park onto the sand and rocks.
Surroundings: Completely Natural beach in a village surrounded by a nature reserve.

This beach, along with Misty Cliffs just down the road are two spectacularly natural beaches around and near the Cape Point nature reserve. Even though both beaches are not directly within a nature reserve as there are small villages with houses where people live, both villages are very small and not very busy and off the beaten track. The villages are surrounded by nature reserves and thus have the feel of living in a nature reserve. The beaches are protected by the nature reserves on both sides so remain very pristine and clean.

Scarborough is where B on the map courtesy of
 Many Capetonians find the distance of 50km too far to ride out to for a day on the beach consequently the beach is usually pretty deserted except for a few locals from the village. if you are going down to the famous Cape Point Nature Reserve for the day, you could pass through this village, depending on your route, as it is one of the roads to get there. This is another reason it is little known because the Cape Point destination most people are heading towards is just past this so they never quite stop here.

A great beach for romantic photographs of weddings, etc.

Mussel shells washed up from the rocks
This place is fantastic for picnics and day rides on motorcycles. it is also used for scenic photography for things like romantic wedding pictures. These photos were taken on a recent photo shoot for a couple that on the morning of 2011-11-11 decided to get married at 11:11. It was all such a rush that they only ended up doing their true wedding pictures a little later.

This is a blog from A short series on great beach destinations in South Africa based upon motorcycle rides to get there. Some are short day rides from Cape Town, others are much longer rides but if in Southern Africa and you are somewhere on the coast then are really good beaches to visit if you can find the time and are in the general area.

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An idea of the size and extent of the Scarborough village
Beautiful clean fresh sea sand

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