Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Karoo - Day4 Leg1 - Leaving Bloem

Well we pick this up two days of reveling, eating , drinking, fun and games later. With major hangovers we both gingerly get our bikes ready for the return leg. Needless to say, we planned a very simple tar road route to just cruise and not have anything difficult to ride.This means get on the N1 south towards Cape Town, and at Colesberg where the road splits, get off the N1 and onto the N9. We are aiming for Nieu Bethesda to stay over for the night.

After getting fuel on the outskirts of the city got onto the N1, but after not more than 80km later we hit the first "stop and go" road works where the roads are worked leaving one lane to share in one direction only. The traffic queues for about 15 to 20 minutes and then you get to go. We quickly got bored with this idea and turned off onto the first minor road we could find.

This is the daily blog from Africa4Adventure.com. A short series on the Karoo Motorbike tour we took on during September 2011. See the plans for the trip blog here: Planning a 6 day 2500km route through the Karoo maximising dirt
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Saying farewell to Luke and John
Richard joking about our next few hundred kilometers with a hangover

Bikes were all kept safe and sound in the garage
On the outskirts of the city, we stop at the garage for petrol
The view in the middle of the free state - miles of flat grassland
Lots of road work on various roads throughout the country. Here we queue on N1 for a one way traffic
Very shortly thereafter, we are now on the lesser roads after the nightmare of traffic jams

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