Saturday, 28 January 2012

Karoo - Day1 Leg17 - Desert Water

It is just one of those things, when you see water in the semi-arid desert it is an event. So we stopped and took in the surrounds. Even after all the flowers we had seen till now, which implied the most rain in the previous months for 30 years, it had still not dawned on us just how much water was about. This was the first little river crossing we had got to and usually most of the rivers would be bone dry.

But as it turned out we were to see quite a lot of water as we went through on this trip, so we didn't stop as much later.

This is the daily blog from A short series on the Karoo Motorbike tour we took on during September 2011.
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Parked up on the concrete bridge
Arriving there

This was the big event!

Normally its many times drier

It's just strange to see water in the Karoo

Pink flowers on the hills - everywhere

The Karoo looking extraordinarily green and lush

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