Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day2 - Leg2 - Bots+Zim - Dumela Coffee

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Botswana and Zimbabwe - Giraffe tour we attended during July 2011. Check out the plans and route for the trip here.
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Our initial plan for the day was for everyone to meet at the entrance of the Dumela Lodge where we had stayed for the night, once finished packing and once we were all ready to leave. About four of us made it there, and were waiting for the others when the very friendly lady owner of the lodge came over and offered us some coffee before we left. It was an offer we just couldn't refuse given that it was a little cold and we needed as much coffee as we could get from the night before!

We sat and had some coffee, thanked them for their wonderful hospitality and for putting up with us the night before so gracefully, and then left looking forward to what the day would bring now that we were nearing the wilder more game reserve parts of Botswana.

Some parked out the front of the reception area
Some waited at the gate
Getting pictures of the lodge sign and us there at the gate
Then the Coffee offer which was fantastic
This was the place we stayed at in Francistown - Can recommend it
Ready for the day ahead
Looking forward to what to day brings
Where are the last two? Still sleeping?
Coffee then the road

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