Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day1 - Leg6 - Bots+Zim - BW Border Post

This is the daily blog from, in particular a short series on the Botswana and Zimbabwe - Giraffe tour we attended during July 2011. Check out the plans and route for the trip here.
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Once over the river we got to the Botswana side of the border post. Most of us sailed through with a few smiles and some chirps to the ladies behind the counter. We almost all got charged different amounts and had differrent processes depending on the smile, but the money varied by small amounts so no-one really minded too much.

Then poor old CharlieB who was last in our group, because he changed as he was getting too hot, got to the counter as the printer stopped working. It took them something like an hour and a half to decided to start working in manual mode or to fix the printer. Probably only ran out of ink!

Anyway while we were all sitting in the garage having drinks and relaxing, poor old CharlieB was waiting for printers. Not a happy chappie when he came out - don't blame him. We then went off in search of lunch at the local lodge but they were not very helpful so stayed at the garage and had a great chicken burger.

As we arrived at the border post on the Botswana side


Love bikes as they just bypass all the trucks and cars

Chirping the ladies at the payment counter

Looking for lunch at the local lodge - but it was not going to happen

Nice elephant at the main entrance

We all smiled at this poor chap in thick sand on a 1200 with pillion loosing it! Fantastic pics

Outside the garage where we ate

Fantastic Chicken Burgers all round

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