Saturday, 05 May 2012

Karoo - Day5 Leg15 - Steytlerville to Willowmore

The section of road about 70km long between Steytlerville and Willowmore is a lovely piece of the Karoo. Desolate, Wide open space with mountains surrounding both sides in the distance.

Long straight roads, some of it single lane tar in each direction, and some of it a single track of cement one car wide with gravel on both sides for where two cars approach each other and have to overtake. Of course on a Motorbike no problem! Next to the road a lonely single railway line on which I have yet to ever see a train!

As you leave Steytlerville and also as you arrive in Willowmore, you cannot help noticing the new houses that have been built for the locals, with their varied colours and high tech Solar heating on every roof. Each suburb must be saving an absolute fortune in electricity and of course helping the low carbon green cause tremendously. 

This is the daily blog from A short series on the Karoo Motorbike tour we took on during September 2011. See the plans for the trip blog here: Planning a 6 day 2500km route through the Karoo maximising dirt
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This is the view of 70 km

Single cement track, where if you are in a car, you move over to the left, as does the on-coming car

Filling the bikes up before we fill ourselves up

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