Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Karoo - Day1 Leg26 - View from pass top

The sun was starting to set on us and we still had some way to go, but to get to the top of the pass and not marvel at the beauty of the surrounds was simply not an option. So we pulled up, took some pictures, had a look at the varying landscapes. it was amazing, but we had seen so much of all of this already and time was pressing and then headed on off to Sutherland. It had been a long day till now and we were pretty worn out. We were also glad nobody had come to grief along the twisty loosed rocked bits of the pass. We'd had one or two worrying moments but made it out ok.

This is the daily blog from Africa4Adventure.com. A short series on the Karoo Motorbike tour we took on during September 2011. See the plans for the trip blog here: Planning a 6 day 2500km route through the Karoo maximising dirt
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Up top looking back down

Shiny dams full of water - still strange for the desert

Greenish hillsides also show of much recent rain

Beautiful colours

More pink valleys of flowers

Still not quote on top

Hit the last bit up to the very top

Richard takes the corner at the top
Another picture

Our Bikes had done very well today. such a pleasure to ride these F800GS's
Last pictures then head of on to Sutherland

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