Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 18 - Leg2 - Twisty roads back

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Lesotho which was the third goal, over a week. Details of the "http://africa4adventure-motorbiketours.blogspot.com/2011/04/planning-lesotho-expidition.html" whole trip here.

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The route back was the best of all! As you can see by the pictures we had a perfect day weather wise. We made really good time as there was less stopping for pictures and more time blasting around the twists and turns, and other times where it was easy and slow going.

You can tell from this what the weather was like. Sunny and no wind at all

Magic riding around twisty turns and next to rivers and mountains

A massive eagle (Lammergaier I thought) flew from the side of the road and landed on a haystack in the middle of the field too far to picture - it is there - by the time the bike stopped, got the camera out, it was miles away...


More awesomeness

Same again zoomed out

Someone didn't like this road sign. It says "Couple of hills, couple of bends, Semonkong lodge is where the road ends. 23km"

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