Saturday, 04 June 2011

Day 16 - leg 7 - Arrive in Semongkong after dark

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Lesotho which was the third goal, over a week. Details of the "" whole trip here.

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The last section of the journey to Semonkong was by far the best and most picturesque. It had the most nature, the least people, it had large twisty mountain passes and beautiful nature with the addition of the sun setting just to add to the already amazing ambiance.

We had slightly under estimated the time it would take us to get there, mainly because of all the stopping to view teh scenery and take pictures, but at some point we realised we still had some 30km to go and that we'd have to do it in the dark. It didn't matter by then as Rob knew the way to the Lodge and the road was less twisty by then, so we just took it easy and cruised in. Glad to get there to the warmth of a fire and good food and red wine!

Awesome and long windy pass as the sun sets

Rob and Moira wind up the hill
Sun setting as we get to the top of the last big pass

Beautiful sky and land sunset colours

Moving on - its getting dark and we've a way to go yet

Spot the two bikes on the road

Rob and Moira greeting our host as we arrive in the dark

Finally in out of the cold and dark to some good wine and company - Cheers!

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