Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 18 - Leg 6 - Alan missing but we all make it home Ok

This continues the series of my Motorcycle Adventure travels from Durban to Lesotho which was the third goal, over a week. Details of the "" whole trip here.

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No trip ever goes without its little mishaps. In this case it was the mysterious vanishing of Alan and Claire along the way. Two bikes stopped at a roadside cafe for some cooldrink and the other bike (Alan's) that was a little further behind, with Claire on the back, came driving past us. We were standing on the side of the road waving and shouting, trying to flag them down, but they did not see us and carried on.

By the time we had got back on the bikes to tried to catchup, we realised they were long gone. We also thought they may have taken an incorrect turn as the road forks one tar and one dirt, but you have to turn off onto the tar. Thats when all the debating, concern and indecision set in. Should we head back and look for them? What if they had come off the bike and were lying in the gutter? We tried phoning, but no answer.

We drove further and asked the local police who were manning a road block if they had come through.... Finally when we got to the border post and tried to phone again; nothing. Two minutes later our phone rang and it was them saying they had gone through the border post and were waiting for us at the coffee shop! Relief - we could stop being concerned about them. We were all safe, it had been a fantastic gtrip and we could make it home Ok.

Last stop with Alan's bike part of the party
Parked up chatting to the police about if they had seen a motorcycle come through - they said not, but in fact it had come through in hindsight
Looking back - where are they?
Discussion and indecision - but a nice place to have that discussion
All back safely and in one piece after a wonderful trip
Fill up before heading the last 150km to Paul Roux
Rob's arms stuck in the riding position?
Back at the holiday home in Paul Roux

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